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i3 window manager


Default window manager

Default window manager

You spend half your time aligning and searching for windows

  • Windows overlap,
  • At startup, window size is random,
  • ALT+TAB is the common way to switch between applications.

Tiling window manager

Tiling window manager

Tweak a configuration file and don't worry about windows

  • Windows don't overlap,
  • Windows always fill all the screen,
  • i3 is keyboard driven.


  1. $ sudo apt install i3
  2. Log out of your session,
  3. In the your login screen, select i3 as window manager,
  4. Log in to your session,
  5. Say yes to generate the i3 config file,
  6. Finally, select i3 mod key (either ALT or WINDOW key).

Default key binding

$mod is either your ALT key or your WINDOW key

  • $mod+Enter : Open a terminal,
  • $mod+Shift+q : Kill focused window,
  • $mod+Shift+e : Exit session,
  • $mod+d : Start dmenu.

Default programs

i3 : Tiling window manager,

i3bar : Status and workspace bar,

i3status : Generate a status line for i3bar,

dmenu_run : Dynamic menu.

Config files

~/.config/i3/config ~/.i3status.conf


  • set : Define variables,
  • bindsym : Define key bindings,
  • mode : Define modes,
  • bar : Customize the i3 status bar,
  • exec : Execute command lines.


i3 window manager

i3wm: Jump Start (youtube)

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xmonad (tiling wm)

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